Postoperative Instructions for Parents and Children – Dental Procedure Under General Anesthesia

Dear Parents!

Your child has undergone dental treatment under general anesthesia.
The purpose of the following guidelines is to describe the stages of recovery in the hospital and rules of behavior at home after dental treatment under general anesthesia.

What is expected at the awakening stage?

At the end of the treatment, the child is transferred to a recovery room. The stages of awakening from anesthesia vary from child to child. Some children will wake up relaxed and others will exhibit restlessness at different levels. Sometimes nausea and vomiting may occur (with blood if teeth have been extracted), this is a familiar and transient phenomena that are being treated.
Bleeding from the mouth may occur during the recovery period.

How should you act at home during the 24 hours following the operation?

1 . Rest at home  –  avoiding activity that requires effort.

2 . Providing cold, soft, chewable and easy to digest food such as: dairy products, fruits, soft drinks (non – carbonated).

3 . The administration of pain relievers, or anti-fever drugs, as needed.

4 . Make sure that the child sleeps on the side of the body or stomach in case of vomiting.

5 . If tooth extraction was performed, care for using only cold and soft drinks and food must be taken on the day of treatment and the following day.

6 . The day after the treatment, if the child feels good, he may be sent to kindergarten or school. If he is sleepy, he should be left at home that day.

When should you turn to the emergency room?

1 . Bleeding in the surgical area (mouth / nose)

2 . Difficulty breathing.

3 . Fever over 38.5 ºC.

4 . Incessant crying or extreme restlessness.

In case of any problem or question, consult your doctor or recovery room.

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Wishing you a quick recovery!