Urgent Dentistry – What Is Important To Know?

  • First aid in dentistry is given at all Clalit Smile clinics during working hours.
  • It is important to contact the clinic before your arrival.
  • The medical staff will take care of you as soon as possible, in accordance with commitments to other patients who have made an appointment in advance.
  • The clinic is closed? You can contact one of the first aid clinics.
  • The final cost of emergency dental care can only be determined at the end of treatment.
  • In any case, an appointment must be made for further treatment.


We are here for you

Clalit Smile is here for you also in dental emergencies.

The medical staff at each of the Smile clinics is trained and prepared to provide first aid treatment in dentistry throughout the clinic working hours.

Before your arrival, it is important to contact the clinic by phone. Thus the medical staff will be able to prepare for your arrival, and sometimes it will be decided to refer you to another clinic – both to shorten your waiting time in the event of an unusual load, or in cases where the required treatment is not given in our clinic.

Dental damage cases to Clalit Health Services patients will receive first aid at Clalit Smile clinics and first aid clinics according to treatments defined in the פackage of services for children up to the age of 18. Treatments that are not defined in the פackage of services will be paid as usual.

In order to receive reimbursement of expenses for treatments in cases of dental injuries in students of the formal education system (ages 3 to 18), the Ministry of Education can be contacted through Inbal Insurance. Learn more.

In case of a fracture of the jawbone, contact the emergency room of the hospital where there is a department for oral and maxillofacial surgery.

With sensitivity and professionalism

With your arrival at one of the Clalit Smile clinics, you should know that the medical staff is in the midst of other treatments and you may be asked to wait patiently until one of the doctors will be available and will make a preliminary diagnosis of your dental condition.

More than once, several urgent cases come to the clinic's doorstep at once, in addition, it is important to remember that the patients who are now sitting next to you at the clinic have made appointments, sometimes months in advance, and we are committed to providing them with uncompromising service.

The clinic's staff makes every effort to provide you with medical treatment as soon as possible, without compromising the rights of other patients to receive professional and prompt service.

When emergency dental care is needed beyond the clinic's working hours  –  you can contact one of the first aid clinics. Contact prior to arrival is necessary to avoid prolonged waiting.

How Much Does Urgent Dental Care Cost?

The cost of emergency dental care cannot be determined in advance, as it often happens that the initial diagnosis does not allow accurate prediction of the patient's medical condition. This is because medical emergencies are characterized by the fact that during the course of the treatment, problems, injuries, bruises or other damages that cannot be known in advance are exposed.

Therefore, the price of dental emergency treatment is determined only at the end of the treatment, depending on the nature of the treatment actually performed.

Schedule a follow-up appointment – Why Is It Important?

It is important to know that emergency dental care is intended to prevent an escalation of the condition and help to relieve pain immediately, but this treatment cannot provide a full and comprehensive professional response to the medical problem that has arisen. The medical treatment you receive may not always provide an immediate response to the pain, and it may take a few days for the treatment to affect your physical feeling.

In any case, upon completion of the emergency treatment, it is important and even necessary to schedule an appointment for further treatment. The medical staff at Clalit Smile will be able to provide you with comprehensive, thorough and professional medical treatment. Failure to continue treatment may cause damage not only to the affected tooth, but also to the adjacent teeth and gums.

We wish you will get better soon!